The Right B2B eCommerce Digital Marketing Mix

Finding the Ideal eCommerce Digital Marketing Mix


More and more marketing leaders are being challenged with providing their business with a B2B ecommerce solution. For many in the B2B space, this is foreign territory. This can also be a challenge since customers have high expectations for ecommerce websites, thanks to years of B2C online shopping experiences. In fact, Forrester reports only “26% of B2B companies say that their current B2B ecommerce technology systems are capable of effectively supporting an "Amazon-like" customer experience.” With Amazon being the role model for a seamless ecommerce experience, this insight does not bode well for those in B2B services.

A good place to start is by identifying the right ecommerce digital marketing mix for your organization. By approaching ecommerce with the right digital marketing mix, marketers can engage the right ecommerce services that will lead to a successful ecommerce channel.