Sales & Marketing Strategy Alignment: What It Means for Sales Leaders

Sales & Marketing Strategy Alignment: What It Means for Sales Leaders


Understanding how B2B sales and marketing teams should align strategies to support the end goal of increased revenue and new customer acquisition is going to set you apart from your competition. So, how should B2B sales leaders begin to evaluate their organization’s sales and marketing strategy to reach and achieve this goal?

We simplify this by stepping through each phase of a B2B buyer journey from awareness to loyalty. Along each step of the way, we define not only what marketing should support during these phases but also how sales can complement marketing’s efforts. 


In today’s sales landscape, we know that B2B buyers are doing their own self-educating on your products and services before contacting a sales rep. With 60% of the buyer journey happening online, B2B sales and marketing teams must play the discrete role of equipping buyers with the strategically-relevant content to evaluate a product or service.

At this stage the messaging sales reps use is simply a reinforcement of what customers have already seen or read online. This messaging alignment is critical during the initial stages to ensure a digitally-enabled experience matches what a customer encounters when initiating a sales rep interaction.